Valet Parking:
Annahme direkt vor Ort am Flughafen Düsseldorf.

Shuttle Service

You pass your vehicle at our vehicle collection point in Düsseldorf.
  1. You drive to our car park and hand over your vehicle to our employee at the car park
  2. It fellows a external vehicle check and the hand overing of your keys
  3. You pay the parking fee cash to our employee
  4. Your vehicle will be parked from our employee to a free parking space at our car park
  5. Your luggage will be loaded to our shuttle bus
  6. After your arrival please call our 24h-Hotline, so we can pick up you at terminal b-c with our shuttle bus
  7. With our shuttle bus you drive to the car park and you get your vehicle back
  8. After a personal check, you get your handovered keys from us back
Shuttle Bus
  • Free transfer between the airport and the car park
  • The car park is only 1 minute from the airport (400 m)
  • You handover yourself your vehicle to us
  • The shuttle service is 24 hour a day avaliable
  • The keys are storaged in a safe with high quality standards